vitamin(mineral element slice)

calcium(high calcium)

brain nerve(glutamine)

cerebral blood vessel(pirasitam)

anti-inflammatory drugs(acetylspiramycin tablet)



Cough medicine(Pentoxyverine Citrate Tablets)

Cold medicine(infantile aminophenol yellow Namin tablet)

Cold medicine(ammonia, caffeine and yellow sensitive tablets)

Cold medicine(Comound Paracetamol and Amantadine Hydrochloride Tablets)

Gastric medicine(Compound Bismuth Subnitrate Tablets)

Vitamins(vitamin C buccal tablet)
Introduction of heilongjiang haxing pharmaceutical co., LTD.

  Heilongjiang haxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is located in the Xingan mountains, small Ling Heilongjiang main channel, surrounded by green mountains and rivers Economic Development Zone, the Sino Russian border city of Hegang, formerly known as Hegang pharmaceutical factory, the factory covers an area of 26 thousand square meters, green area accounted for 75% of the total area. In December 30, 2015, the new national GMP certificate was obtained through the new national GMP certification. There are 47 employees, of which 26% of the total number of technicians. The enterprises have participated in the national drug fair many times, and the drugs are sold to all parts of the country. Enterprises in strict accordance with the national standard GMP quality management, the introduction of modern production equipment, professional sales team, take the modern network e-commerce integration mode, and strive to build a modern online sales platform in traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, health oriented business model as a supplement. Haxing pharmaceutical industry to "rest assured of medicine, health millions of families" for the purpose of the enterprise. Life comes from nature, health comes from Ha star, and haxing has made natural and healthy power for the benefit of mankind and society.


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