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current position: HOME > talent recruitment
job vacancy: Recruitment and sales manager

Nationwide recruitment of sales managers.
Above 5 years working experience, bachelor degree or above, below 45 years old.

job vacancy: Recruitment of maintenance workers.

Provincial: workshop maintenance technology, more than 5 years working experience, under 50 years old.

job vacancy: Recruitment quality manager

Provincial: quality manager requires more than 5 years of experience, bachelor degree or above in pharmacy, under 50.

 The name:  gender:  age(One full year of life)
 Native place:  Marital status:  Date of birth:
 Graduated from the school:  Record of formal schooling:  If you have any special skill:
 Self-charge or unified recruitment:  professional:  The title:
 To apply for jobs:  Mobile phone no:    
 High school arts or sciences.  landline number:    
 Now address:  Id number:    
 Record of formal schooling:
All courses in school.
The job resume that goes to society, the unit, the position.
Name of the main family member, relationship with me, age, position, work unit
Apply for the request:
Contact: Ms. Wang.       Contact phone number:(0)13339585089



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