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jiushou brand vitamin C buccal tablet

General name: jiushou brand vitamin C mouth buccal
[main raw materials] vitamin C, sucrose powder, glucose, dextrin, starch, sunset yellow, amaranth, orange oil
Flavour, vanillin, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate
Vitamin C supplementation
Adults who need to supplement vitamin C
[approval code] national food health word G20080400
[Health Certificate] (black) health food certificate (2006) No. A0140
[product specification] 1.0g/ slices
[shelf life] 24 months
[storage] place in the cool and dry place
[note] this product can not replace the drug; it is not suitable to exceed the recommended amount or to be eaten at the same time with the same kind of nutrient supplement.
[package] 1000mg/ pieces / 60 pieces / bottles
Enterprise name: Heilongjiang ha xing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
[effect ingredients and content] each tablet contains: vitamin C 90mg
2 tablets per day (food method and consumption), containing food
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