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Compound Bismuth Subnitrate Tablets manual

General name: Compound Bismuth Subnitrate Tablets
English Name: Compound Bismuth Subnitrate Tablets
Chinese phonetic alphabet: Fufang Jianshixiaosuanbi Pian
This product is a compound preparation, each containing 350 mg of basic bismuth nitrate, 400 mg of magnesium carbonate, carbon
Sodium acid 200 mg, 25 mg of rhubarb powder. The excipient is: Starch
[character] this product is light pink
This product is an anti - acid and gastric mucosal protection non - prescription drug
[indications] for chronic gastritis and relieve stomach pain caused by hyperacidity, heartburn and acid reflux (Shao Xin)
[Specification] compound
Oral use. 3 adults once, 3 times a day. Chewing or dissolving in warm water after a meal
[ADR] can cause hiccup, flatulence
[taboo] children under 1.6 years of age, pregnant women and breast-feeding women are forbidden.
2. patients with gastric acid deficiency, acute gastric mucosal lesion and renal insufficiency are prohibited.
[note] 1. the continuous use of this product should not be more than 7 days, the symptoms are not relieved, please consult a physician or pharmacist.
2. please consult a doctor or pharmacist for the amount of children.
3. patients with oliguria or no urine, hypertension, heart disease, and unexplained acute acute abdominal pain
4. during the period of treatment, no drink or alcohol containing drinks and less fried greasy food.
5. in the period of medicine, the feces are black, which is a normal phenomenon.
6. the elderly patients are carefully used.
7. to this product allergy disable, the allergy person careful use.
8. it is forbidden to use when the quality of the product changes.
9. please put this product in a place where children can't contact.
10. children must be used under the guardianship of adults.
11. if other drugs are being used, consult a physician or pharmacist before using this product.
[drug interaction] 1. products should not be used simultaneously with acid - making drugs.
2. should not be taken with milk.
3. combined with tetracycline can interfere with the absorption of the latter.
4. if used in conjunction with other drugs, drug interactions may occur.
Consult a doctor or pharmacist.
[pharmacological action] the basic bismuth nitrate in this product is dispersed in micro fine particles and can firmly adhere to the gastric and duodenal mucosa
On the other hand, the protective membrane is formed to promote the regeneration of the mucous membrane so that the damaged tissue is healed; sodium bicarbonate and carbon
Magnesium acid is an anti acid drug, which can neutralize gastric acid and relieve the heartburn and stomach caused by excessive gastric acid.
Pain; rhubarb aperient, against constipation caused by bismuth nitrate
[storage] sealed and preserved in the dry place.
[packaging] 10 pieces per box of 4 plates per plate for aluminum plastic package
(period of validity) for 24 months
[execution standard] WS-10001- (HD-1082) -2002
[revision date] May 22, 2007
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