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Pentoxyverine Citrate Tablets manual

Generic name: Pentoxyverine Citrate Tablets
English Name: Pentoxyverine Citrate Tablets
Chinese phonetic alphabet: Juyuansuan Pentuoweilin Pian
[ingredients] this product each tablet contains 25 mg of Pentoxyverine citrate.  The excipient is: Starch
[character] this product is white sugar coated tablet, remove white after sugar coat
This product is a antitussive non prescription drug
[indications] for a variety of dry coughs
25 milligrams of the specification
Oral use. Adult: 1 tablets once, 3-4 times a day. Children: 0.5 children over 5 years of age
Film, 2-3 times a day
[ADR] constipation, mild headache, dizziness, lethargy, dryness, nausea, abdominal distention, skin over
[taboo] is not yet clear
[note] 1. the medicine is only for symptomatic treatment, such as the application of 7 days of symptoms without obvious improvement, should be immediately hospitalized.
2. no driving machine, car, ship, high altitude operation, mechanical operation and operation during the period of taking medicine.
As a precision instrument.
3. pregnant women and breast-feeding women should be used under the guidance of doctors.
4. patients with glaucoma and heart failure are used carefully.
5. this product is no expectorant effect, please use the sputum of patients with under the guidance of doctors.
6. to this product allergy disable, the allergy person careful use.
7. it is forbidden to use when the quality of the product changes.
8. please put this product in a place where children can't contact.
9. children must be used under the guardianship of adults.
10. if other drugs are being used, consult a physician or pharmacist before using this product.
[pharmacological action] this product has central and peripheral antitussive effects, and its antitussive effect is about codeine.
1/3. In addition to the direct inhibition of the respiratory center of the medulla, there is a mild opioid.
The role of the atropine. Relaxes the spasmodic bronchial smooth muscle and reduces airway resistance
(storage) sealed and preserved in a dry place
[packaging] 20 pieces per box of 2 plates per plate for aluminum plastic package
[period of validity] 24 months
The two part of the 2005 edition of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia
Enterprise name: Heilongjiang ha xing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
[revision date] July 19, 2007
Drug interactions, if used in conjunction with other drugs, may have drug interactions. Please consult the details.
A physician or pharmacist
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