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Paracetamol Tablets manual

General name: Paracetamol Tablets
English Name: Paracetamol Tablets
Chinese phonetic alphabet: Duiyixian 'anjifen Pian
[ingredients] this product contains 0.3 grams of paracetamol. The excipient is: Starch
[character] this product is white
This product is an antipyretic analgesic non prescription drug
Fever caused by common cold or influenza, and also used to relieve mild to moderate pain.
Such as headache, joint pain, migraine, toothache, muscle pain, neuralgia, dysmenorrhea
[Specification] 0.3 grams
Oral use. 4~6 year old children, 0.5 tablets one time, 7~12 year old children, 1 tablets once, and over 12 years old
1~2 pieces of children and adults, if persistent fever or pain, can be repeated for 4-6 hours.
Once, no more than 4 times in 24 hours
[adverse reactions] see rash, urticaria, drug fever and granulocytic reduction.  Long term use of drugs can lead to liver and kidney
Dysfunction of function
[taboo] the prohibition of severe liver and renal insufficiency
[note] 1. this product is a symptomatic treatment, used for continuous use of heat for not more than 3 days, used to relieve pain.
After 5 days, please consult a doctor or pharmacist if the symptoms are not relieved.
2. patients with aspirin allergies are carefully used.
3. do not take other drugs that contain antipyretic analgesics at the same time (such as some compound anti colds.
4. patients with liver and kidney dysfunction are carefully used.
5. pregnant women and breast-feeding women are used carefully.
6. drink without alcohol or alcohol during the use of this product.
7. to this product allergy disable, the allergy person careful use.
8. it is forbidden to use when the quality of the product changes.
9. please put this product in a place where children can't contact.
10. children must be used under the guardianship of adults.
11. if other drugs are being used, consult a physician or pharmacist before using this product.

[pharmacological action] this product can inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin, and it has antipyretic and analgesic effect.
[storage] sealed preservation
[packaging] 12 pieces per box of 2 plates per plate for aluminum plastic package
[period of validity] 24 months
Two Department of Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2005 Edition)
Enterprise name: Heilongjiang ha xing Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
[revision date] May 28, 2007
[1.] the application of drug interactions (barbiturates such as phenobarbital) or antispasmodic drugs (such as belladonna) patients,
Long term use of this product can cause liver damage.
2. this product is combined with chloramphenicol, which can enhance the toxicity of the latter.
3. if they are used in conjunction with other drugs, drug interactions may occur.
A consultant or pharmacist.
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