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Compound Aminopyrine Phenacetin Tablets manual
General name: Compound Aminopyrine Phenacetin Tablets
English Name: Compound Aminopyrine Tablets
Chinese phonetic alphabet: Qutong Pian
[ingredients] this product is a compound preparation, its composition is: each tablet contains 150mg, aminopyrine phenacetin
150mg, caffeine 50mg, phenobarbital 15mg
[character] this product is white
(indications) for fever and mild to moderate pain
[Specification] compound
Take 1-2 tablets once, 1-3 times a day.
[adverse reaction] the compound containing aminopyrine and phenacetin have obvious adverse reactions. Taking amino ratio
Lin can vomiting, rash, fever, sweating and stomatitis, can cause a few
Neutrophil deficiency, aplastic anemia, exudative erythema, exfoliative dermatitis,
The glans are rotten and so on. The long-term use of phenacetin can cause renal papillary necrosis, interstitial nephritis
There is acute renal failure and may even induce renal pelvis and bladder cancer. It is also possible to build up the renal pelvis and bladder cancer.
The dependence of a pair of drugs. Phenacetin is also easy to make hemoglobin to methemoglobin,
The blood oxygen carrying capacity decreased, leading to cyanosis, also can cause liver damage and hemolysis,
And it has a certain toxicity to the retina
[taboo] of aminopyrine, phenacetin, caffeine, phenobarbital or drug allergies are disabled
[note] (1) long term use of this product can cause kidney damage, and severe renal papilla necrosis or necrosis.
Uremia may even induce renal pelvis and bladder cancer. It is not suitable for long term use to avoid hair
There is a lack of neutrophils, and the blood image should be checked regularly for more than 1 weeks.
(2) the effect of amino billing on food under gastric acid can form carcinogenic nitrosation
Compounds, especially nitrosamines, have potential carcinogenicity.
(3) long term use may result in dependence and tolerance.
(4) it is ineffective for all kinds of traumatic and visceral smooth muscle colic.
[child medication] is not yet clear
[old] medication is more prone to causing renal damage, should be used with caution
[drug overdose] is not yet clear
[pharmacologic toxicology] is a compound antipyretic analgesic. The aminopyrine and phenacetin can inhibit the hypothalamic prostaglandin
The synthesis and release of adenine and the recovery of the normal reactivity of the sensory neurons of the thermoregulation center.
It plays an antipyretic effect, and it also plays an analgesic effect by inhibiting the synthesis of prostaglandins. ammonia
Kibilin can inhibit the synthesis and release of prostaglandins in the local tissues of inflammation and stabilize the lysozyme
The body enzyme, which affects phagocytosis of phagocytes, plays an anti-inflammatory effect. Coffee is the central God
Excitatory drugs, can stimulate the cerebral cortex, improve the induction of the outside, and have contractile cerebral blood
Tube, strengthen the first two drugs to relieve the effect of headache. Phenobarbital has a sedative, hypnotic, and antishock
Its role, can enhance the aminopyrine and phenacetin analgesic effects, and prevention of fever caused by
(storage) closed, stored in a dry place
Plastic film packaging; 1000 pieces per bag
[period of validity] 36 months
[execution standard] WS1-15 (B) -89
Enterprise name: Heilongjiang ha star Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.
[pharmacokinetics] is not yet clear
[drug interaction] is not yet clear
Not recommended for use in pregnant and lactating women
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